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= Your One Stop Solution for all BSF Needs =

MLS Organic is proud to present a One-stop solution for all your Black Soldier Fly (BSF) needs. We sustainably breed BSF to produce high quality proteins & oils in order to match the growing demand for feed in aquaculture, agriculture & animal fodder industries.

We believe that BSF is the solution to the growing international demand for affordable Protein. At its core, the breeding of BSF is an innovation in waste management; it is a completely sustainable loop. Through the breeding of BSF, human & industrial food waste is recycled into eco-friendly, nutritious protein & oils to be used in various industries. The waste product of the BSF is then used as fertilizer to provide essential nutrients for agricultural soil.


Our flagship Black Soldier Fly production is based in Malaysia, with supporting sites in the Singapore. Learn More

Black Soldier Fly Supplier Singapore | Lalat Askar Hitam Singapura

Black Soldier Fly Supplier Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia | Lalat Askar Hitam Malaysia


We produce & distribute Black Soldier Fly breeding materials in Malaysia and Singapore. BSF Eggs, BSF neonates, BSF breeding light, BSF breeding enzyme, BSF special nutrient blend, etc.

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Black Soldier Fly (BSF, Hermetia illucens) / Lalat Askar Hitam is is a type of fly that is found all over the world including Malaysia and Singapore. As a vital part of the decomposition cycle, the Adult black soldier fly does not bite nor sting and are not a threat to humans. Unlike houseflies and other pests, they are sanitary as they do not regurgitate food or digestive enzymes, thus do not spread diseases.

BSF larvae can be processed in many ways to make an excellent food source for insect eating animals. They are a cost-effective & excellent source of sustainable protein.

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MLS Organic produces Black Soldier Fly based materials for industrial and agricultural purposes in Malaysia and Singapore. BSF Protein, BSF Oil, BFS Wholemeal, Organic FRASS, Various feeding stock for BSF production.

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