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What is Black Soldier Fly (BSF)?


Black Soldier Fly (BSFHermetia illucens)/Lalat Askar Hitam is a type of fly that is not found in households. As a vital part of the decomposition cycle, the Adult black soldier fly does not bite nor sting and are not a threat to humans. Unlike houseflies and other pests, they are sanitary as they do not regurgitate food or digestive enzymes, thus do not spread diseases.

BSF larvae are voracious eaters that are able to efficiently convert all kinds of food waste or organic matter into edible protein. With an incredible bioconversion rate, these creatures can increase their size multiple times in a few days. As such, they are a cost-effective & excellent source of sustainable protein.

BSF larvae can be processed in many ways to make an excellent food source for insect eating animals. BSF larvae can be served live, dried or ground into pellets for animal feed. The whole lifecycle of BSF is multi-purpose. Its applications include but not limited to the waste treatment, animal feed, cosmetic, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries.​


Lifecycle of the Black Soldier Fly

  • Adult - Females can lay between 200 to 700 eggs at once. They can survive for about 2 weeks on water alone.

  • Eggs - Adult females usually lay the eggs near food waste which is dry and safe. The eggs will hatch into neonates (larvae) a few days.

  • Larvae/Neonates - The BSF larvae are voracious eaters. They can consume food waste at an amazing rate. With such a highly efficient rate of bio-conversion, this allows them to convert the food waste into body mass with high protein content.

  • Pupae - After continuous consumption of food waste, the larvae transform into dark-colored pupae and prepare for metamorphosis into adult flies.

BSF Application

Pet Food

The BSF larvae are organic, natural and nutritious sources of pet food for your beloved pets.

Animal Feed

Our BSF larvae are processed to feed different livestock. Naturally high in protein and anti-microbial compounds, they serve as an alternate source of protein to supplement traditional commercial animal feed.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

Due to its high fat content, various oils can be extracted from BSF larvae. It is high in lauric acid, palmitic acid, Oleic acid and Linoleic acid that have diverse usages in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Frass is the natural by-product of all insect larvae including that of the BSF larvae. It is collected after the bio-conversion process and can be used as soil enhancer or natural fertilizers. This organic material is an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers which can be harmful to the ecosystem.

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