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BSF Insectary

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BSF LED Breeding Light

PowerSun™ BSF Breeding Light

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BSF Eggs

We produce and sell BSF eggs in increments of 1 gram.


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BSF Neonates

We produce and sell BSF Neonates. MLS Agri breeds neonates with specially formulated nutrition to ensure good quality. Good neonates are vital for future larvae production.


BSF Special Nutrient Blend


BSF Breeding Enzyme

Enzymes that work together with BSF larvae to decompose food waste. This enzyme enhances the survivability of larvae and helps to lock down nutrient in the FRASS.

Our unique in-house blend of special nutrients for larvae feeding. A well-balanced diet promotes good larvae size.

Researched and developed by our company to increase Black Soldier Fly breeding by mimicking real sunlight. This custom LED light bulb utilizes 4-6 different wavelengths of light.

RM588/pc (inclusive of shipping). 

For detailed product info click here.

Maklumat produk lanjutan.

A multi-spectrum lamp used for simulation of the sunlight in the BSF mating process.

RM2500/full set including ballast base.

For detailed product info click here.

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