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BSF Protein

As insects are part of a natural diet for many animals such as birds, fishes regardless of domestication. Meal made from BSF is not only rich in nutrients and protein, but also fits perfectly into their diet.



Natural oil that is extracted from BSF is rich in medium chain fatty acids, beneficial to the animals’ gut. It can be mixed into various animal feeds to increase palatability and also serve as a healthy source of energy.


BSF Whole Meal

BFS whole meal is a sustainable, natural protein feed meal produced from 100% farmed BSF larvae with increased protein content. It can be used in various kinds of livestock feed and also aquaculture.



BFS larvae by-product. Organic, natural, & chemical-free fertilizers that is ideal for flowers, vegetables, fruits and lawns.

BSF Production Feeding Stock (Various)

MLS Agri supplies a range of food stock for BSF larvae production. We can supply Wheat meal, pollard and other nutritious feed stock.