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Black Soldier Fly

Education & Experience Seminar Tour


10.00 am

Arrival & Registration

10.30 am

BSF Seminar by

BSF Technician Ms. Siti Nura

12.00 pm Lunch

1.30 pm

Farm Tour with

Farm Manager Mr. Danial Shahmi


3.00 pm  Wrap-Up

*Agenda arrangement is subject to change without prior notice.

Curious about the potential of this little bug?

Want to know how to apply the Black Soldier Fly to make your life or business more sustainable?

Interested in starting your own BSF endeavors?

Just want to enrich your life with new knowledge?

MLS Agri's Black Soldier Fly Education & Experience Seminar & Tour aims to provide the solution for all your BSF related needs. In our seminar, you will build a strong foundation of  theory on the Black Soldier Fly and the techniques required to handle them.


  Then, in the farm tour, participants will be able to have a direct hands-on experience with the actual insects and put theory into practice while getting to know the various facilities & utilities available to best rear BSF.  

  Register now and secure your place in our next session!

= Seminar Content =

​  > Introduction to BSF

  > Application of BSF Products
  > BSF Farming & Technical Info

  > BSF Breeding Tools & Equipment

= Farm Tour =


​> Hands-on BSF Experience 

> Research Facilities Visit

> BSF Production Site Tour

Next Sessions:


*Limited to 30pax per session.


One pax @ RM350

Two pax @ RM650

Three pax @ RM950  

(Fee is inclusive of lunch & one FREE BSF Starter-Kit worth RM300 per pax)

Location: Alam Jaya Business Park, 81500 Gelang Patah/Pekan Nanas. Johor, Malaysia.


1 BSF DIY Starter-Kit worth RM300 per pax

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