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Black Soldier Fly

Dried Larvae

100 g

  • 100% Organic

  • Planet-friendly & sustainable

  • The only insect with anti-oxidant properties

  • 7x Higher Calcium than your regular mealworms!

Having a pet is like having a family member and being a pet parent means that you only want the best for your pets, be it an Arowana Fish, Parrot, Gecko, Hedgehog, or Sugar Glider!

80% of the commercial dried worm treats are raised on in-nutritious feed coupled with harmful chemicals to preserve their shelf-life. This means that your insectivore buddies are not getting the right nutrients from their favourite snacks!

Orgsome is founded by a team with over 50 years of experience in animal nutrition and we have discovered an Organic and Wholesome solution for your beloved insect-eating buddies.


Orgsome’s Black Soldier Fly Dried Larvae is produced 100% organically without added harmful chemical additives. It tastes just the same as in the wild, exactly how your pets like it! Studies show that 8 out of 10 insectivore pets have proven to have at least 50% improved appetite after trying Orgsome Black Soldier Fly Dried Larvae in just 1 week!

  • Using modern low-temperature microwave technique to minimize nutrients loss during the drying process. All essential nutrients, including Protein, Calcium, Fats, etc, are locked in to provide for a more balanced diet for a healthy heart

  • Black Soldier Fly has 7 times more Calcium than your regular mealworms. Calcium is an important nutrient for insectivore pets to have healthy bones, feathers, or scales!

  • Recent studies prove that Black Soldier Fly is the only insect that has Antioxidant properties, which will slow down your pets’ reduced immunity and ageing by 40%!

  • Farmed in zero-waste process. You're helping the world to reduce at least 7kg of waste with every pack of Orgsome 


Protein: 35-40%, Fat: 14%, Fiber: 8%, Moisture: 7%, Calcium: 2.5%, Phosphorus: 1%

Fish Bowl


Store in dry & cool area. Seal tightly after open.

Green  parrots


Feed readily as treats to be part of a balanced diet. Treats are healthy in moderation.

Recommended for Fish, Birds, Reptiles, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders and all insectivore pets.

Reptile on Grass


Use within 3 months after open.

Image by Galina Chikunova

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