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Black Soldier Fly Frass

1 kg

  • 100% Organic

  • Only immediate source of Chitin

  • High in organic matter

  • Promotes green & leafy growth for plants

This high-quality frass is a byproduct of Black Soldier Fly larvae and contains their waste, exoskeletons and leftover food. Black Soldier Fly larvae are voracious eaters and will thoroughly and efficiently break down decaying plant and other materials as they feed. In this process, they release nitrogen, phosphorous and other nutrients. As the larvae eat and mature, they grow and molt. This molting process leaves bits of exoskeleton, called chitin, in their frass.

  • 100% organic and chemical-free

  • Studies have confirmed that BSF Frass has a high-level of Ammonia. While Ammonia itself is not a Nitrogen Source accessible to plants, many microorganisms in the soil use Ammonia to create forms of Nitrogen that plants can use. Healthy soils will use this Ammonia to create more Nitrogen, resulting in more green, leafy growth in your plants!

  • The presence of chitin in soil triggers the defense response in plants which makes them more resistant to pest damage.

  • Since they are the ultimate slow-release fertilizers, it’s very difficult to over fertilize (and harm) your plants as compared to chemical fertilizers

  • Improves soil condition and water retention on long-term basis

  • Safe to use around pets and children for indoor plants as it's free from chemicals!


NPK Ratio 4-5-15,

Contains other micronutrients such as Calcium & Magnesium,

Organic Matter > 50%, 

pH: 7

Derived from: 100% Black Soldier Fly Frass

Growing Plants


Store in dry & cool area. Avoid direct sunlight.

Image by Muhammad Murtaza Ghani


Seeds & New Plantings: Mix the Frass directly into soil mix with the recommended ratio of 4-parts soil to 1-part Frass. Then, use this soil to plant seedlings or to transfer potted plants

Established Plants: Apply 1 tablespoon around plant stem weekly during active growing season. Water as usual ; OR;

Mix half a cup of Frass to 4 litres of water and allow the mixture to steep for 1-2 hours. Water plants with this tea 1-2 times a month.

Fruit Trees: Apply 10-20 kg per 100ft yearly. Apply evenly around the root zone of fruit trees, cover with soil or dry leaves.

Image by Daniel Öberg


Use within 6 months after open.

Small Green Plants

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